Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let 'er Buck!

I still love our annual tradition of the Pendleton Round Up.  It's just so...wholesome?  No, there's lots of drinking and carousing and beef involved, so wholesome is not the right word.  Down home perhaps, but in the best sense.  This year, we had some wonderful friends come with us, so we had quite the good looking crew.  Here we are watching the rodeo during the day:
And catching some entertainment at night:
(I know all of those people on that bench.  So fun.)  Speaking of fun, if you're my parents, the street entertainment always provides lots of opportunities for dancing.
 Aren't they cute?  Such a sassy coral dress on Mamacita!  As for us, lets not lie, the evenings usually contain a fair amount of adult beverages. 
But hey, we had clearly imbibed WAY less than this guy:
The back of his fairly dirty shirt reads "If Found, Send to the Hut".  The Hut is a dive bar on the outskirts of town, and not a bad place to have your unconscious body sent back to.  In chatting with him, it became evident that he had no idea that the back of his shirt read something so useful.  He told us he was from Kansas and that was about all we could understand over the slurring.  Good times!

There's a wonderful non-motorized parade on Friday morning.  ALL horseback all the time.
I love a whole town on horseback!

So that's Round-Up for another year.  As they say in Pendleton, Let 'er Buck!

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