Monday, October 8, 2012

An Ode to American Summer

Fall is here!  But I still have to wrap up blogging about summer.  So I have a couple of vacationy posts and a couple of other summer posts and then I swear I will move into an appropriate season.

August Vacation Recap!  Every summer, my husband's family gathers at a family house in Massachusetts.  It's one of my favorite places on earth.  The house has a million tiny bedrooms which inevitably fill up with hilarious cousins, relatives and friends.  
The fleet of rusty bicycles on the front porch means that the beach is a five minute ride away. 
Whole days go by where the most activity you'll see in a day consists of a swim followed by a whole lot of this:
Dinner sometimes looks like this: 
And ice cream must happen at least once a day.
The beach is lovely and the water is warm.
There's a lot of family history at the house.  Which means that views like this:
Can be found in photos like this:

Of course the East Coast is always a great excuse to break out preppy finery:
Oh hey, Lilly.  (Also, bright yellow Saltwater sandals DO come in adult sizes.  Hecks yes.)

So much beauty. 
Thanks East Coast, we'll see you next year.