Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring! Easter! Pastels! YAY!

Y'all, this post really can speak mostly for itself.  First it was spring!

From our window:
In our backyard:
At the lake:

Then, it was Easter.  The Easter Bunny came to our house and brought me a Hello Kitty Easter basket filled with champagne and chocolate.  (Smart bunny.)  Somehow he also invited in a flock of chenille chicks...
The chicks clearly ran rampant over the kitchen, and had a particularly good time with the un-dyed eggs ready for brunch. 

Once the chicks were suitably evicted from the edibles, we threw an amazing Easter brunch outside. 

Wherein some really amazing pastels were worn:
Spring, pastels, bunnies, and brunch.  All my favorite things.  Perhaps I should just rename this post YAY! 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Reason #497

So many reasons to love this house.  Reason #497 circles around the objects contained in our house, many of which are vintage hand-me-downs.  They improve our quotidian lives with their grace and beauty.

Case in point:
These are silver teaspoons from some long-lost relative of my husband's.  Each one is no more than three or four inches long.  Monogrammed, elegant, tiny, light.  Beautiful.  Reason #497 to be grateful.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Nookie

Somehow, using a diminutive on the word "nook" made sense in my head.  I now realize that it makes our tiny and adorable new book nook sound slightly naughty.  That's ok, it'll always be book nookie to me.

Being married to a carpenter is sometimes totally magical.  You come home one day and new things have materialized in your life!  (Don't get me wrong, being married to a carpenter can totally suck when you just want to get something DONE, and homeboy is being a perfectionist.)  But sometimes it. is. awesome.  This past week was one of those times.  Wanna see what he just knocked together in his spare time?
Gah!  Adorable built-in style bookshelf.  See how he brought the trim around on the bottom?  So luscious!  This is in the nook (nookie, nookette?) on one side of our bedroom.  Full nook view looks like this:
Love it!  With the chaise in the mix:
That corner of our bedroom is looking better every day.

Fred made this bookshelf specially to hold our children's books collection.  Yes, I realize we haven't actually procreated yet.  But we both have a soft spot in our hearts for the formative literature of our childhoods.  Put those well-loved tomes together with a bunch of books inherited from Fred's wonderful grandmother, and suddenly you can fill a bookshelf.  Want to see some of the vintage gems?
Yeah, that's right, we inherited a bunch of Black Stallion books.  "The Black Stallion's Sulky Colt?"  Yes, I know you're jealous, and yes, you can borrow it.  The other side looks like this:
Vintage Anne of Green Gables?  Love it!  I was ecstatic to see some Frances Hodgson Burnett books in the hand-me-down box, they were always my favorite when I was a little girl and these copies are lovely, lovely bookery, circa 1918.  

The window in the nook looks directly out onto our flowering cherry tree, so I immediately wanted a good spot to sit in there.  Although we're still working on the perfect cushion solution, we used an extra couch cushion and a few others we had lying around to make a little nest.
Wanna check out the view?
Beautiful!  So there you have it, the brand new book nookie.  Doesn't it just make you want to curl up and read?  Pretty sure I'm about to have some good quality time just the cherry blossoms, Anne of Green Gables, and me.