Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...It's a Bedroom!

It's official everyone!  The windows are in and so am I!  I have finally moved from my old house into the new one and it feels great.  First, a little recap on the windows.  Check it out!  We went from this:
 To this:

 To this!

Yay!  There's no molding up yet, but its a vast improvement on what we had before.

Last week we had the epic move.  All of my stuff is now crammed into the house and not at all sorted yet, so there are just piles of stuff everywhere.  Let's not dwell on pictures of that, shall we?

After the epic move, we celebrated our first night with the new windows with a little slumber party.  We had brokered a deal with the crew of friends who helped us through the-night-before-drywall, wherein we had promised them a slumber party on the inaugural night in the new bedroom.  So, we made a giant dinner, slapped our dining table in the living room and everyone came over.
(Nice face Jon.)

And then slumber party!  (Becca in the back rocking the Japanese tourist look.  Wrestling/pillow fight happening in the front?)

 Yay slumber party!

The slumber party was on Thursday and on Saturday we managed to move our bedroom in.  Check it out!

We're using our new wedding presents, gorgeous new comforter cover from Restoration Hardware and linen sheets from Crate and Barrel.  I've never had linen sheets before but they were recommended by a friend and are completely luxurious.

So warm and cozy!  (The dark brown thing in the lower left hand corner is the chaise, which is helping to hide the mess.  So no pics of that for now.)

This day wasn't particularly lovely, but you can see how lush and beautiful our view is.  I haven't managed to capture the sunrise over Bellevue on film yet but it is a totally gorgeous sight from our bed and I'll try to post some pics soon.

So there you have it!  We have a bedroom!  Very exciting.  Sleeping in our bedroom feels amazing and its so nice to have a nest just in time for winter.  I'm feeling more settled already.  Now its time to work on the closets, bookshelves, and endless, endless boxes.  I have to say, there's nothing to ease the pain of unpacking like snuggling in linen sheets.  Snuggle Central!