Sunday, June 3, 2012


Peonies are the most luxuriant flower on earth, I think.  Amazingly enough, they are also seem to be one of the easiest to grow.  This year, we have a bumper crop.
This one was my favorite.  She grew very tall and had to be cut and brought inside. 
So beautiful!
Once this one is gone, my living room will never be as gorgeous again!
We have others in varying shades of white and pink...
This is one of the tubers that is the same root stock as the ones from my wedding bouquet.  I can tell our anniversary must be close!
It's almost sad to cut them, but for their own health some of the tall ones have to come indoors.  Some of them are waist high!
I took this photo at dusk (otherwise known as Nature's Instagram).  Gorgeous peonies, I wish you could stay forever!
I hope you all can seize the very short peony season and enjoy these beauties while you can.  Their sweet-smelling palest-pink lushness is guaranteed to add gorgeousness to any room you put them in.  Happy summer!

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