Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day!  We had a fantastic weekend camping on Whidbey Island with the newest addition to our family.  Her name is Brunhilda, she is a Volkswagen Vanagon Carat model, meaning she has the adorable flip-up table and fold-down bed, but not the pop top.  As far as camping goes, this is glamping (glamour-camping) for sure! 

My picture taking was a little sub-par.  I was too busy drinking chilled champagne (yay for coolers) out of real glasses (yay for fancy picnic baskets) and admiring the water views from our campsite.  We camped at the Island County Fairgrounds (oddly enough) but it had everything we could possibly ask for.  Namely: bathrooms, a water view, and a BUNNY SANCTUARY.  If you've read this blog long enough, you know that I have a real soft spot for bunnies.  Somehow, the Island County Fairgrounds have become a bunny sanctuary.  There are "Bunny Safe Zone, No Chasing!" signs and there are bunnies everywhere!
Bunnies frolicking with the picnic tables.
Bunnies hanging out in the road.
This was our favorite bunny, tiny and black.  He was so cute, we almost scooped him up and smuggled him home. 

I did a whole lot of this:
Reading on a blanket in the sunshine, does it get any more summery than this?  The champagne glass and picnic basket are just out of view, but don't worry, they were never far from reach. 

We went to the drive-in movies one night, which was so fabulous I forgot cameras existed.  Sorry! We also went to an amazing farmers market/nursery with a giant tunnel of yellow viburnum:
And spent a lot of time by the water's edge:
If you're pondering a trip to Whidbey in the near future, I highly recommend it.  The ferry is easy, the views are incredible, the islanders are friendly.  Welcome to summer, I think we're starting off right!

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