Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oct. - Nov. Progress

So it turns out I'm going on an extended trip starting this week.  My trip looks something like East Coast-China-Mexico-China.  The China legs are for work, but they're sandwiched around a vacation in Mexico, so it's not all bad!  Best of all, this whole shindig is being kicked off by a trip back to my alma mater to participate in a panel on "creativity in the workplace" and have a fun weekend with my college BFF!  Yay!  In any case, I won't get back till Dec. 9th, so I thought it was worth doing a recap on our progress on the Oct.-Nov. list. 

1.) Finish molding - DONE!  This makes me so deeply happy.
2.) Photograph newspapers inside History Wall  - Done!  We're ready to button that up.
3.) Insulate and drywall History Wall - Nope.  Although hubby may get a wild hair while I'm gone and do it.
4.) Fix pass-through. - Ditto, although less likely since we still have yet to really firm up the plans together.
5.) Sand down one crappy window and repaint it. - Not going to happen since I'm going away for the next month.
6.) Get siding on the back of the house. - This is still in progress, I've called to get quotes, which feels like a good first step.  But there is a looong way to go.

OK, so two out of six isn't awesome.  But we're really only halfway through, if this little (ok, big) trip hadn't put a kink in my plans, I think we would have crushed some more of these.  Just to make myself feel better about that list, I'm going to add a 7th goal, which was sort of percolating in the background.

7.) Make some progress on sorting the craft room.  - I made a little progress.  OK, it only took an hour or so, but remember the before?
Well now it looks like this:

OK, let's zoom in so I can feel a little less insane about that photo.  See the crazy haphazard fabric storage in the before?  Now it looks like this!
Yay!  So easy to find everything I need, from glittery green Tinkerbell fabric to pink baby flannel!  I also think it's hilarious how my love of turquoise and pink is totally apparent here.  Twice as many pink fabrics as anything else.  Perfect.

I think I just have to remember that this project is one best tackled in one-hour increments.  Heck, if I could manage to find some time where I could spend one hour on it every day, I'd probably be done in a week!  However, slow and steady is not my project style.  I tend to be "big gulps" style.  It's hard to train yourself to work in a different mode than you're used to!  What about you?  Do you have a hard time training yourself to work slow-and-steady?

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