Friday, November 4, 2011

Molding, Part Two!

Y'all, the molding is DONE!  It is SO amazing.  I am so happy right now, its ridiculous.  Mostly because we're finally back sleeping in our wonderful bedroom, with tons of space, a view of dawn over the mountains, a leafy aspect over the backyard, it's amazing how much those things matter.  (And how much  you appreciate them when you haven't had them for two months!)  So without further ado:

Check out the beauteousness.
Yesssssssssssssss.   Cue angels singing!  Shall we see a before?  Oh let's do.
 So much better!  Shall we do a different angle?  Just so I can goo over the awesomeness again?
So great!  It used to look like this:
OK, it probably doesn't look that different unless you're a trim freak like me.  Wanna see a closeup?
The husband worked SO HARD to make these perfect.  To recap Molding Part 1, first he made a profile outline of the existing molding downstairs.  (The original molding is 110 years old, and surprisingly enough, not for sale any more.)  Then we had custom molding knives cut for an exorbitant sum and the molding itself created.  Then the hubs had to cut it, cut the roundy bits and the upper bits, make the sills, bevel the corners, nail it all down, fill the nail holes and sand before we could even get to painting.  And don't get me started on the evil prime-sand-paint-sand-paint cycle.  (The second sanding may have come as a rude surprise to the wifey and caused a little meltdown.)  That said, its all DONE!  Yay!!  Now, on to some baseboard trim.  I'm sure that'll be a cakewalk!  Right?  Right?!?  Right.

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  1. Love! I love big, wood molding! So worth the wait, right? :)