Sunday, June 26, 2011


Can we take a moment off of the 30 Before 30 and the house renovation to talk about flowers?  I love flowers but one of my favorites is peonies.  The peonies this year have been awesome. 

First I had these ones, gracing the picnic table at Help Us Put Up The Porch day.  (More on that later.)

Then I had these in the kitchen, adorably complimented by some candle holders given to me by the delightful K-star.

Then for our anniversary, the husband surprised me with these.  How amazing are these?

So beautiful.  And they smell just like roses

That giant bouquet was actually commemorative of another bouquet I loved.  About a year ago this week, I had this beauty:
You wanna see it again?  Oh ok...
So maybe those were my favorite peonies.  When I said I wanted peonies, the florist said she ordered them from a local peony grower and that I could actually pick out my own here: and that she would order them to be at their peak.  Love locally grown of course, but best of all, I could order rootstock from the very peonies that I had on my wedding day!  I ordered six pieces of rootstock and tossed them in the ground late in the fall.  I was nervous that they wouldn't come up at all but look!

I think this one is called "My Love".  Awww.

I think this is Mrs. FDR
And this one is "Candy Heart". 

I love that I get to see the flowers that I had on our wedding day come up over and over again.  Yay for early summer and good memories.

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  1. Love love peonies! We only had one bloom in our garden this year but now the plant is more bush-tastic and we have 4-6 buds that are still growing (not opened yet, but they are huge-ungous!).