Thursday, October 28, 2010

Walls, and Paint, and Carpet, Oh My!

The post you've all been waiting for!  Yes, its true, we have paint on the walls and carpet on the floor.  And as my friend Jill would say, it feels glooooooooooooooorious.  Let's review how the whirlwind of the past five days has gone.  Friday night our wonderful friend Christyne (see the StyneTineSteamDreamTeam post), came over to help us paint the primer coat.  There are no pictures of that event since it wasn't anyone's finest half hour.  We wrapped up at 1am, and at 7am I left to go pick up paint!

We chose Martha Stewart Enamelware for the bedroom (a light robin's egg blue), Behr Cumulus for the hall (an almost-white-but-really-faintly-blue) and Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue for the living room.  (A mysterious color that looks dusty blue in some light, but minty in others.)

Before we could slap any of that on the walls, well, we had to have walls first.  The drywall was up and primed in the bedroom, but some other spots of the house weren't so lucky.

The hallway is done in a lovely often-painted-over wallpaper effect.  We chose not to rip it out for expediency's sake, but there were also some old and very terrible patches on the walls.  The above photo is Fred patching the patches.  Slow work but so worth it!

While Fred slaved in the stairwell, the team got started in the hall and in the bedroom.  Here we go!

Our dear friend Paula is super stoked to be taping trim in the hall!  (Her delightful boyfriend Dennis is behind her, gamely painting the ceiling.  A guaranteed crick in the neck!)

Our awesome work buddies Joe and Pam.  This is Joe's ninth shift working on the house, he's an animal.  Pam just moved here and intrepidly navigated the foreign bus system to come help.  Joe's sister Emily is cutting in trim on the left side of the pic, she's in town visiting and totally gave up a morning of her vacation to paint a stranger's house.  (I'm getting all verklempt just thinking about how great these people are.)

Saturday our crack crew of painters helped us put on the first coat.  Sunday morning a second crew came and we got on the second coat.  We absolutely could NOT have done this without a lot of help.  Thanks a million to Christyne, Jake, Joe, Emily, Pam, Amy, Todd, Paula, Dennis, Giancarlo, Kate, Bret, Krystal, Molly, Ian, Susie and Charlie.  We can't thank you enough!

Wanna see the finished product?

Ta-da!  OK, just kidding, that's just the paint.  Before I show you the finished-finished product, let's review how horrible the carpet was, shall we?  Well, we certainly didn't help things by painting on it, by the end of Saturday the carpet mostly looked like this:

And in some spots the carpet definitely told a story.  Like in this spot below.  I'm pretty sure it's saying "Fred's roomate was ironing her clothes on the carpet, and in the middle she had to go make toast."  Nice.

So the finished product?? 


Beautiful, creamy carpet in our bedroom and look how gorgeous the walls turned out!  So light and airy!

Dark grey in the living room looks awesome with the walls and the white trim totally pops with the darker wall color.

The guest room is rocking an oatmeal-colored carpet, which goes quite well with its blue walls (lovingly painted by a previous inhabitant, luckily.)

Even the stairs look awesome!  (And who doesn't love a two-tone blue stairwell?  It's so gorgeous!)

I'm in love with our new rooms!  Everything looks so much better now its amazing.  Once the windows are in, we'll be done with the enormous tasks and on to the little ones.  Shall we step back and review?  Oh yes, lets.

We started here:

And now we're here:

It makes me so happy I just had to flop down and make a carpet angel!  (Just like a snow angel but with carpet!)


Thanks again to everyone who helped.  We are so lucky to have such awesome friends.  We owe you big time so if you ever need a Bundt cake, help lifting something heavy, or someone to cut in the trim, you know who to call.  (And BTW lemme know if you wanna come over and make a carpet angel.  Any time.)

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  1. As, well - I - would say, "glooooorious!"

    I LOVE the color of your bedroom! It's beautiful and light and airy and I love it! It must feel great to wake up in such a wonderful color!! Very nice!