Monday, October 4, 2010


Well kids, we had a busy weekend this weekend and we're seeing some real progress. Yay!  On Saturday with the help of our good friend Jacob, we transformed this:

Into this!:

OK, it may not look like a lot but what you see are the vertical studs for all our windows.  Some sills and some nails through the sheathing (and maybe a little wall removal or addition here and there) and we'll be ready for insulation and drywall.  Yay!  (Yes Virginia, what you see through the openings is, in fact, the outdoors.  Yes, we did have guests staying in the next bedroom while the outdoors and the indoors briskly mingled in here.  Our guests were some friends of mine from high school and after one of our many profuse apologies about the barn-like hostessing conditions, one of them said "whatever, we're from the country!" Touche, girl.  I love my friends.)

While Fred and Jacob (bless all our tall, helpful, tireless friends) were working on the upstairs, my friend Becca and I started making the opening between the two sides of the duplex.  Double yay!

It started off looking like this:

And now it looks like this!  Yay!

Becca, giving our first hole the thumbs-up.

The finished product!  So when the wall on the other side is 86'd, (along with some cabinetry and a dishwasher and other things that Bec and I were not up for,) we'll have a neat passage between the dining room and the kitchen on the other side.  (A.K.A. "the library".)

This is the door to the basement that was sealed inbetween the walls.  (It was visible from the basement, and Becca intrepidly crawled up through the door and into the space between the walls to scout before we made the hole.  There were lots of spiders and grime.  She is a tough cookie.) 

We found some charming wall paper and a hilarious photo of a riding mower.  I look forward to other treasures later.

Aside from the day we demo'd the wall between the two bedrooms (and boy, was that a doozie of a day), this weekend was the most time we've had to put towards this project so far and the most progress.  Feeling good about the Nov. 1 move-in date right now, let's see if we can keep it going!  Fingers crossed.

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