Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tine-Styne Steam Dream Team

The battle against the wallpaper continues.  Last night my good friend Styne came over and we tried attacking it with my tiny steamer.

This is my friend 'Styne, being hardcore with the steamer:

(Why she chose to battle white glue and fiberboard in an all white outfit, I'll never know.)

Anyway, the steamer made short work of the fibrous wallpaper underlay.  See, when we were first getting ready to attack the house, I peeled all the purple/green floral wallpaper off in a fit of zestiness.  Underneath we found a nasty textured fiber layer, that apparently functions as wallpaper underlay.  In some spots on the wall, we found ANOTHER layer of wallpaper (tulips, ugh.)

Me and Mr. Steamer:

I have tried two different kinds of Zinsser enzymatic wallpaper remover (gel and the mix-with-water kind), and tried using it with a "paper tiger" (a tiny device that scores hundreds of tiny holes in the paper when you swirl it around).  Nothing could make the slightest dent in the fiber layer, that stuff is tough.  Once Styne came over, we set up our friend Mr. Steamer with Miss Paper Tiger and it was clearly a match made in heaven.  On one wall, the fiber layer got soft and pliable enough to come up in big strips.  On the next wall it wasn't quite as amenable but it still came up easier than it did with the Zinsser.  Unfortunately, even with the steamer, the drywall paper came up.  I think a skim coat is going to be in order.  (Ugh.  Fred and I discussed if I could do the skim coat and he said "well, its physically taxing and requires a hearty attention to detail, but if you think you're up to it..."  Hmmm.)  Stay tuned for the next installment of adventures in wallpaperland.


  1. So I am pretty sure you meant all black outfit with peep toe Croc pumps. Yeah, what can I say? I *was* the vodka maven that never had to lift a maven finger at your wedding! I am allowed these moments of spectacular eccentricity, I think. Anywho, who knew fiber board would be so uber fiberglassy? As your local tactile-ly obsessed friend that spazzed out all night because it felt like there were a million tiny splinters all over my hands and arm and cleavage (seriously, worst sensation ever), I would like to inform the masses that duct tape really does work wonders on getting that pesky fiberglass out of your skin!! Or, one could wear gloves and a long sleeve shirt and, you know, prevent the entire issue but hindsight can bite me.

    Tine, your house is going to be so amazing and I am very happy that I can help to contribute to the memories of restoring your home and then later can help to contribute to the ensuing shenanigans. Love you.

  2. Having read this post, that comment about being all fiber-glassy and duct tape being the best invention ever makes so much more sense!!! :)

    It's glorious to have friends as glorious as the Tine-Styne Team!!!!