Monday, November 19, 2012

Dare to DIY: Being Thankful

I joined the "Dare to DIY" challenge from fellow blogger NewlyWoodwards.  A little creativity always eases the change in seasons for me.  Four themed crafting challenges spread out over the season?  Perfect.  Sign me up and hand me some glitter!  Glue guns: ready, aim, fire!

That said, this week's craft got stuck in a five-hour airport snafu.  Yeah.  So suddenly I wound up crafting at the airport.  Aside from the bad lighting, it was great.  Five hours to let creativity run wild.  And with limited supplies at hand, it got a little weird, but hey, I don't think I would file it under SWHW (something went horribly wrong), so let's just call it a success!

This project was inspired by a post I saw last year at Young House Love (see it here.) This project is all about notes of thankfulness shared with your family (or in my case, husband).  I bought some cute letterpress thankfulness cards from PaperSource.  In the future, I could totally print or press these myself (or lasercut them, yay engineering employer!) but this year, easy is my favorite word.  I got two kinds:
I filled them out.  I'm keeping the actual deets of the thankfulness private, but writing 12 notes of thankfulness was pretty easy.  My life partner is rad and funny.  I'm a lucky lady.

Once the notes were done, I wanted to make a cute container.  I had all sorts of earlier notions but once stuck at the airport I had watercolor supplies and a sewing kit.  Envelope?  Yeah sure!  It's slightly nostalgic of the elementary school valentines-in-a-folder thing, right?  I've been taking a watercolor class and although I kinda still suck at it, I love the dreamy colors.  So for this project I went with a house and love motif:
Hey not bad for an airport craft, right?
I sewed the edges closed with my travel sewing kit.  While this isn't the most amazing thing, it's done, it's sweet and hopefully the hubs will at least appreciate a little hilarious creativity in his life.

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  1. Water color is so difficult. I love how this came out. Especially the house. Awesome project!

  2. Very cute! I couldn't do that in an art studio, let alon in an airport!! Greta job :)

  3. I'm seriously impressed! I would have never guessed you were in an airport. You are totally like MacGyver! ;) A watercolor and sewing kit. Bam - gorgeous envelope. I think your painting is lovely! Great work!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY! Really appreciate it.

  4. You're talented. You could sell that watercolor masterpiece!

    Great idea. Thanks for joining the DIY fun!

  5. That watercolor is so cute. Great job! I can't believe you did this in the airport . . . way to use your time wisely! Thanks for joining the party!