Friday, March 9, 2012

Craft Room Developments

The craft room is always, and probably always will be, a work in progress.  I'm so lucky to even have a craft room, I feel like I need to lavish enough love on it to make it as adorable as possible.  (Pinterest may or may not be setting my expectations for myself pretty high.)  This weekend, I took another crack at organizing.  Shall we do my favorite, a before and after??  A before:
And after:
Better, right?  Not quite epic-adorable yet, but vastly improved.  With the pink chandelier, it's even better!
Wrapping stuff on the right, complete with custom ribbon rack made by my lovely husband.  Some of the decor highlights that I unearthed include these lovely ladies:
They're vintage place cards, featuring lovely ladies with crepe paper puff skirts.  Each one has her own costume, complete with different handbags or accessories.  Aren't they great?  My amazing friend Camille gave them to me as a bridal shower gift.  Now they've got an appropriately amazing place to hang out.

I tried to do some pops of color, like these fun boxes:
 But overall, shelf arranging for maximum cuteness may be a skill that I need to hone.  We'll see, I feel like I've got a good start!

On the other side of the room, we have more progress.  The husband put a shelf above my sewing machine so I finally have a great place for my notions and ribbon.
It also gave me a good place to hang this fabulous vintage light given to me by my fabulous friend Anna.
Who wouldn't want to sit down and sew here??  I used some of the blue Mason jars from our wedding for odds and ends:
 So cute!  Overall, the room is looking so much more welcoming, I kinda want to hang out in here all the time.
First up on the sewing roster, some throw pillows for the couch.  Then another baby quilt, then a big quilt, and then, and then, and then...the possibilities are endless.  Thumbs up for spaces that make creativity possible!



  1. WOW---that looks great! What a dramatic before and after shot.

  2. Looks sooo great! :) So glad to see those place card Ladies out, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those :)