Monday, March 5, 2012

Come Here Spring, I Want You!

Y'all, spring is so close I can taste it.  In my last post with the porch swing you may have noticed two tiny specks of color near the door.  I usually don't go for primroses, but by the time they appeared I had already been thinking garden plans for a month.  I had to get a little color fix!  Primroses, take one:
So bright!  The other side of the door has the twin arrangement:
Because I am, after all, an engineer and therefore I heart symmetry. 

In other spring-related gardening efforts, (OK, popping some primroses in a pot probably doesn't qualify as "effort", does it?) anyway, in other gardening news, I started some seeds indoors for the first time ever.  So far I've got tiny green plants but look!  Growing things!  Spring IS coming!

Ignore my tacky blue painters tape labels.  I ran around the house looking for hipster-gardener popsicle sticks but in the end wound up being my usual super classy self and going with what was close and easy.  Next time!  So far I've started parsley, chives, larkspur, hollyhock, and morning glory.  Yeah, I'm also not hipster enough to be attempting vegetables.  We'll see how this year goes, next year I may graduate to real edibles.
My morning glory is already bolting out of the frame of this photo, which I take as a good sign, right?

Spring was popping up elsewhere in the city this week too.  Do you know what time it is at the Pike Place Market?

Tulip time!!  I love tulips.  They're my favorite flower.  So crisp and classic and perfect all by themselves, what's not to love?  The husband brought me these wonderful examples:
And yes, that's a copy of Make Way for Ducklings.  Because soon, so soooon it will be duckling time.  It's always hot on the heels of tulip time.  Ducklings and tulips!  Dang, I love spring.  And Easter!  It's almost Easter!  In pre-emptive celebration of that most pastel of holidays, when the white tulips had departed, I sprung for these pink beauties.
Just a touch of yellow inside, see?
So Eastery!  As the last piece of evidence that spring IS coming, I present this photo of my Saturday morning last weekend.  Although it was still February, I got to enjoy this:
Sunshine, back porch, tea cup, Pottery Barn spring catalog, ahhhhhhhh...Just try to be tense and look at this photo, I dare you.  Not possible.  Yay for spring!

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  1. Cuties! Yay flowers budding!! I'm really excited to see the cherry blossoms poking their little heads out :) Careful with the morning glory - it'll spread like wild fire and choke out every plant in its way :/