Friday, February 3, 2012

Molding and Mirrors - Jan. Progress

Man, the R&R after my last China trip just hasn't been happening.  Ah well, life flies when you're having fun.  (At the moment I'm working from my couch while the husband is making home-made donuts.  It's not all bad.)  Despite the craziness and the long China trip in the middle, we did manage to make some progress in January!  The fabulous person that I'm married to surprised me by having gorgeous molding up around the pass-through when I came home!
No more jagged hole!  Wheee!!  It still looks really rough on the other side, but I usually only see it from this side, so that's awesome.

We also did another mini art-hanging rodeo.  We hung this gorgeous mirror in the kitchen:
I had a bit of a melt-down about trying to hang a mirror at the right height for one 5'3" person and one 6'1" person.  Does anyone have any advice on this subject?  Our compromise still makes me crane my neck slightly.  But the mirror is lovely and looks great in the space, it's a family piece which makes it even more special.

Next to the front door we hung some beautiful tiny pieces I bought the night before the hubs proposed.
They're really great tiny photographs of Paris and Coney Island in little shadowbox frames:
Love it!

We hung the art I made for our anniversary:
I like the way it looks in the space next to the dormer:
Cute, right?

And as a surprise for my homecoming, the husband hung this antique mirror that I'm crazy about in the bathroom:
Even though he doesn't really like it. That's love, people.  I also received an adorable vintage train case for Christmas so our bathroom is really looking up.
Of course, signs of the impending spring always help:
Happy February everyone!


  1. Maybe a tall skinny mirror? There's a really great consignment place across the street from me that has some good stuff - we should check it out!


  2. Yay for progress! Everything looks great!