Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2011 - A Year of Hostessing

It's no secret I love to party.  I love to have parties, plan parties, and attend parties.  This year was a great one for hostessing.  Some highlights:

January is great for parties.  We celebrated our project here:
I had the ladies over for brunch here:
And we made a heck of a punch here:
Wherein I also talked about my hostessing rules.  Which are definitely more like guidelines than actual rules!

February brought amazing Valentine's crafting:
An excuse to craft AND wear my vintage pink sequin cardi at the same time?  Yes please!!

In April, I hosted Mah Jongg night:
Where Molly showed off her winning rack:
In June, I had an awesome slumber party with choice headwear:
And lots of laughs:

In July, we had a birthday tea party in the backyard:
Which wrapped up with a birthday picnic:
Yay birthdays!

I apparently didn't hostess much in the fall.  But at the very tail end of the year, I hosted one of the surprise successes of the year:
Who hosts a Christmas crafting party for 70 people who don't even know what Christmas is?  THIS GIRL.

As much as I loved the China Christmas crafting party, there's no place like home.
My own little Christmas party with all my favorite ladies is always a highlight of my year.

What a fabulous year of parties!  Plenty of crafting, shenanigans and crafting shenanigans!  2012, you have big shoes to fill!

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