Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas tout le monde!  I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas and is working towards a great New Year's.  Before the holidays are totally gone, I figured I should post about my holiday decor.  It was sort of a shotgun get-'em-up effort this year, coming home on Dec. 15th doesn't really leave you a lot of time.  However, we did it!  Proof:
(I know, I should be shot for such poor photography.  Someone help me.)

The little tree was up the day that I got home and fully decorated, thanks to the crafting party!  It looks adorable in my craft room:
It looks so homey and welcoming from the street.  On next year's to-do list is a cute tree skirt for this guy.  

I made a brief pass at some candles and decor for the coffee table:
And at 10pm one night I was seized with the desire to do some front-door decor:
The paper snowflake garland was already there as a gift from my dear friend Becca and my charming husband.  For the rest of it, I drove to Whole Foods fifteen minutes before closing, scooped up the last two rosemary mini-topiaries, scooped up an evergreen wreath at fifty percent off, drove home, dumped some lights on the topiaries and some ornaments on the wreath and called it done.  Not too bad, right? 

That said, do you know what Christmas is really about?  It's about this:
The old friends.  It's about this:
The happy family.  It's SO about this:
The new tiny pink silk pajamas that I brought home from Hong Kong for a certain precious niece.  (She asked to put them on the following day and refused to take them off for as long as possible.) 

Happy Holidays everyone!  May all your Christmases be merry and bright.