Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

OK, so I don't quite have as much love for Valentine's Day as I do for Easter, but one thing that Valentine's Day has going for it is the potential for crafting.  A whole holiday revolving around cute paper products?  YES please!  Last week I hosted a Valentine's crafternoon and I wanted to share some of the amazing creations of my friends, in the hopes that it will inspire everyone everywhere to make someone a really great valentine.  Let's go back in time one week.  (As they would say in Wayne's World, "doodly doo doodly doo doodly doo...")

To fuel the crafts, I set out some cute finger foods.
(Note the in-appropriate-color-scheme Pyrex!)

My helper-friend Krystal, demonstrating how delicious (and festive) radishes are!

We had a great turn-out, despite it being Super Bowl Sunday.  I had to add more chairs to the table and wished I had left the extra leaf in for more glitter space.  The girls mid-craft:
(What's that you say?  What am I wearing?  What, you don't own a vintage cardigan covered in so many pink sequin it weighs five pounds?  I was trying to dress festive!)

The creativity of my friends never ceases to amaze me.  Check out the finished products.

More cuteness:

MORE cuteness!

OK, enough cuteness, let's go for some hilarious cuteness.  Put a bird on it, courtesy of Becca (and if you haven't seen the "Put a Bird On It" sketch from Portlandia do it.)

And further adorableness from Monica:

Are you overwhelmed with pink and red and amazing?  I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day filled with as much love, glitter, and chocolate as you can handle!


  1. Amazing! It's parties like these that make me lament the fact we don't live in the same city :(

    But, getting a Valentine's Day card in the mail from you was pretty awesome, it basically made my day! :)

  2. Um, chello! We put birds on it. Great success.