Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Slides into Summer

This is the blog post where I should be talking about the garden but probably I'll wind up talking about how amazing one's social life can be when it is nice out!

Minor improvements have been happening all over the garden.  Like this schlubby patch of weeds underneath this ancient honeysuckle vine:

Added some compost and some low plants and voila:
 A slightly less schlubby bed. 

And these rosemary topiaries in their uggo red and green pots from Christmas?
Finally transferred those guys into some real pots!
(Ignore the porch flotsam, it was a long weekend of working hard.)  I realize this is incremental progress, but that's how it seems to roll with the garden tasks. 

While I'm definitely learning to appreciate gardening for gardening's sake, I still mostly do it for moments like this one:
A lovely spring evening.  Or this one:
 A great dinner with hilarious friends.

We've been enjoying spring all over the city, not just in our backyard.  There's not a lot to report on the homefront because we've been busy making pictures like these happen:
Croquet in the park! 

And the ever popular Madras Monday:
Complete with gin and tonics... in the park!  (Only minorly illegal!)
This month feeling very lucky to live in such a beautiful city.  Raise your glasses to spring into summer!

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