Sunday, April 21, 2013

Craigslist Find of the Century!

So.  Several months ago the element in our bargain-basement, bottom-of-the-line circa 1975 oven went out.  This puppy was old and sad and banana yellow and so cheap it didn't even have a window in the door.  Even in this proud moment where we painted the walls and put in new counter tops:
So...bisque.  Also, it was electric.  With one large burner.  You could grow old before your pasta water came to a boil.

So.  Oven dies.  The manfriend and I talk it over and decide to start the Craigslist hunt for a new one.  Manfriend would like a Garland.  Retailing at a cool $6000, and beloved by chefs everywhere from Julia Child on up.  We both opine that a Viking would do.  Those only retail for $5000.  Y'know.  Like you do.

I noodle on Craigslist for a couple weeks.  Nothing even remotely decent comes up.  The mother-in-law starts sending me pictures of new stoves from appliance stores.  But of course, new stoves look flashy and still cost an arm and a leg.  Sigh.  We will never find the perfect thing.

One day apropos of nothing, I'm surfing on Craigslist for something for work.  I decide to just type in "gas range" and see.  VIKING STOVE $300??!?  WHAAA?

TRUTH.  Observe:

I have no idea why this lady was selling this for $300.  I have no idea how I got so lucky to be the first person to email her.  I have no idea why she still let me pay $300 even though other people were offering $600.  All I know is that we won the stove lottery and that lady is rad. 

This beaut probably could have sold on Craigslist for $3000.  It was the perfect size, didn't need to change the cabinets a bit.  We got an online permit (thank you City of Seattle for being tech savvy), the husband did the gas plumbing in a cold, furnace-less weekend while I was out of town (thank you husband for being so handy!) and it was a done deal.

One burner has an ignition clicker that will stick occasionally.  The oven knob needs to be fixed.  But you can have hot tea in 30 seconds, there is a window in the door, multiple burners are strong enough to burn your eyebrows off with, there is even convection!  Not to mention, NO BANANA.
Shall we do a before and after??  Oh yes please. 

And after:
The legit-ness of our kitchen just went up a billion percent.  Thank you Craigslist gods!  Anyone else have any good finds lately??

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