Friday, March 8, 2013

10 For February Wrap Up

OK, in this post I will level with y'all.  100% honesty and showing the soft underbelly.  I woefully failed at most of my 10 items for February.  I did make some progress on most items!  But per the usual, I underestimated how many steps each item had.  The list:

1.) Look for a bedroom door
Some progress?  I looked!  But I failed to bring one home.
2.) Make or find a zesty shower curtain
Utter fail!  Couldn't find anything the husband and I could agree on.
3.) Work on a bed skirt
I came up with a creative solution, but did get rid of the initial irritation.  I think that counts.
4.) Finish stripping window frame
SO close on this one.  Read on for a full dramatic telling of the lead paint issues.
5.) Find a stool for the secretary
Fail!  Not so easy to find something that works with antiques but isn't Grandma-style.
6.) Figure out cushion for reading nook
Some which I mean calling the foam store and finding out that my cushion size would cost the earth.  Time to ponder how we can modify those couch cushions.
7.) Make Goodwill run
I put this one on here just to make myself feel better if I failed at everything else.  I think it's working.
8.) Make coasters
Some progress.  This one should have been drop dead simple, except that I decided I wanted to laser cut them out of felt.  I did get the felt and plan the design but I haven't actually made them yet.
9.) Rearrange the girl alcove
Some progress, although progress is hampered by the husband getting all up in there with new molding.  I'm throwing a party about the new molding, so I don't feel too bad about getting this one only halfway.
10.) Clean the craft room
Some progress.  Read on for the saga.

TWO out of 10?  I suck!  Ah well, fodder for next month.

1.) Bedroom Door.  Welp, I looked.  I looked on Craigslist, Second Use, EarthWise, at the ReStore, and nothing.  I finally found these:
And as noted they're on sale!  The size was perfect.  From the inside they looked like this:
I was thrilled with the Art Deco design.  But.  Orange and red are at the very top of my LEAST favorite colors.  The husband thought the wavy glass (a little hard to see here, but the bigger panes of the window) was super 1970s tacular.  And up close:
Someone had done the worst job of painting that ever happened.  The husband says you should need a license to paint things.  He could be right.

In the end, I turned to the husband and said "the only good things about these doors is that they exist."  Hardly a glowing recommendation, so we passed.

2.) Shower curtain - big fat nothing!  Must work harder!

3.) Work on a bed skirt.  Otherwise known as Compromise, the Art of Figuring Out What You Actually Want.  See the husband hates bed skirts.  Thinks they help crap accumulate under the bed.  He's not really wrong.  Unfortunately, our bed NEEDS a skirt, because when you walk down the stairs you are greeted with this view:
That would be the hideous blue striped ticking of our ancient boxspring.  The ticking has yellowed and there are these weird hangy-downy straps...ok, file this one under can't-see-how-irritating-it-is-until-you're-in-the-house.

When I really evaluated what I wanted, it wasn't that I wanted a bedskirt so much as I never wanted to see that ticking EVER AGAIN.  So!  Starting from there, I thought about covering the boxspring with fabric.  Then I realized that these really smart people came up with these pieces of fabric that cover mattresses...called a fitted sheet.  I bought a blue fitted sheet, bribed my friend Christyne with some PBR until she agreed to help me play Jenga with mattresses, and rocked it out.  Now we have this:
Hey-yo!!  Not amazing, but definitely better than 100-year-old boxspring!  The level of ickiness you spy on the way down the stairs is dramatically reduced.  

OK, I think that's enough progress for one post.  Stay tuned for the window stripping or Lead Paint, Am I Crazy Yet?

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