Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too Late for a Christmas Recap? Surely Not!

I love Christmas so much I just can't let go.  So let's rewind.  Cue the Wayne's World "doodly doo, doodly doo, doodly doo..."

We had a lovely Christmas here in Seattle with some wonderful friends.  Christmas Eve we made dinner and celebrated at the homefront:
Note that all the components of a good party are present and accounted for: festive attire, delicious cheese, fun libations and hilarious friends.

After dinner we decorated some truly hideous Christmas cookies.
Totally my fault for failing to stock up on powdered sugar.  The ever enterprising husband tried to make our own out of cornstarch and sugar in the food processor.  It was a good effort.

We went up to my in-laws (with all our friends, yay!) to spend the night.  On Christmas morning everyone unwrapped and promptly donned my gifts, handmade pajama bottoms for all!
All the pajamas were made of flannel with prints appropriate to the hobbies of the owner.  Winter sports, cowboys, ice skating and sheep were all featured. What a good looking crew!  (Eight pairs of pajama pants done the week of Christmas was sheer insanity.  Note to my future self: please plan better next year!)

One of my very favorite gifts was this:
 A new holly wreath themed Bundt pan!  I promptly turned that into this:
For Christmas dinner!  Yum.  

After this Christmas we went to Oregon and did Christmas all over again.  Christmas Eve part two:
(Isn't my mom a betty?  Check out her blog:  

Christmas morning dawned bright and beautiful.  Check out the view!
The playhouse my dad lovingly built when I was a kid:
Sunlight through the snow:
So gorgeous!  I need to live here full time in the winter!  

Christmas was especially fun because my "niece" was there.  Someone got a pink cowboy hat and her own lasso for Christmas!
And knew just what to do with it.
Christmas is SO. FUN.  I just can't stop. 

OK, I promise the next post will be full of January-esque purging and house stuff, but I just couldn't pass over these photos.  Sorry for the lateness but on towards spring!!

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  1. Seeing that your mom had a blog I of course immediately had to click over to it, only to find out your link is wrong, sorry Martine! I did use my detective skills to find the correct link though, blogspot not blogger. Thought you'd want to know. I'm bummed we didn't get to hang out during Christmas time!!