Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring! Easter! Pastels! YAY!

Y'all, this post really can speak mostly for itself.  First it was spring!

From our window:
In our backyard:
At the lake:

Then, it was Easter.  The Easter Bunny came to our house and brought me a Hello Kitty Easter basket filled with champagne and chocolate.  (Smart bunny.)  Somehow he also invited in a flock of chenille chicks...
The chicks clearly ran rampant over the kitchen, and had a particularly good time with the un-dyed eggs ready for brunch. 

Once the chicks were suitably evicted from the edibles, we threw an amazing Easter brunch outside. 

Wherein some really amazing pastels were worn:
Spring, pastels, bunnies, and brunch.  All my favorite things.  Perhaps I should just rename this post YAY! 

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  1. Super YAY! What a beautiful day and I just adore those pink tulips :)