Friday, October 21, 2011

Gotta Have a Goal

"Cause ya gotta have a goal.  Do you have a goal?"  "Well I always wanted to be in the Ice Capades..."  C'mon, what movie??  Although I'm not Julia Roberts, I also have goals. 

These are my house goals for October/November.  I realize we're already 2/3 through October, but we've been working on #1 for two months now so I'm reeeeeally hoping we'll get it done by month's end.  Also October/November is a great home improvement time block because no one wants to be working on the house around the holidays.  And, once it gets cold, no one wants to be in the shop.  So:

Goals for October/November:
- Finish molding (getting so close!)
- Photograph historic newspapers inside History Wall downstairs for reals.  (Subgoal: find a friend with a really nice camera to come over and help us preserve the 100-year-old-wallpaper in our walls.  Any volunteers?)
- After photographing, put up insulation and drywall the History Wall.  (I know, sad, but it will keep the paper intact for the next person who tears down our crappy drywall job.)
- Do something about the pass through.  (What?  You didn't want this ragged hole in the wall there forever?
 (Yes, it still looks pretty much just like that.  Well, we moved the stereo cable...)
- Try sanding down one window with crappy chipping paint and try repainting it myself.  (This is going to be the trickiest, because I have to live up to the hubs' professional standards!  I'm looking forward to the challenge.)
- Get siding on the back of the house and hopefully reclaim a little of this deliciousness:
Hello Victorian, nice to see you.  Let's be friends!

OK, that's a lot of big goals.  We'll see how we do.  Do y'all tend to over-goal?  Do you ever achieve all of them?  Wanna do an over-under on whether we accomplish all these?  (I'm giving us 20:80, but I'm going to try real hard!)

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  1. The newspaper is mega-cool :) I love finding little bits of history in older houses.

    I definitely over-goal. I have daily to-do lists for house stuff buuuuut sleep, and hanging out with the fam tend to get in the way (plus we are all really lazy at our house so that certainly doesn't help at all.)