Friday, September 23, 2011

Late Summer Projects

Hello All!  I'm back!  The 30B30 tired me out from blogging, but the onset of fall has turned my thoughts back towards the house.  We've made various bits of progress since I last posted.  Let's take a look.  Cue Wayne's World "doodly doo, doodly doo, doodly doo..."

One of the most exciting things I've done around the house has been a little cleaning.  (OK, "exciting" may be slightly the wrong word...) Whenever I move to a new place there always seem to be these little pockets of chaos, where stuff that doesn't have a home swirls and festers.  When we moved into our co-bedroom last fall, I developed just such a chaos pocket in my dormer.  My delightful vintage vanity and vintage chair moved into the dormer.  Along with various hatboxes of hats, gloves, scarves, a couple wigs, a bunny get the idea.  I'm bad at taking before shots, so I don't even think I have a picture of the chaos, but imagine yourself knee-deep in flotsam and you'll be about there.

Finally a couple weeks ago I just couldn't take it anymore and I did a huge sort, purge, elimination of the Ross-Dress-for-Less hatboxes, and now it looks like this!
OMG, there's actually carpet under there!  (Yes, that's my 1980's cropped pink leather jacket on the chair.  It inspires me every day to try and be as fabulous as possible...)
The scarves and wigs that escaped the purge (yes, I have to own multiple wigs, what do you do with pink hair when you go to a funeral?) went into those tidy little boxes on the bottom.  The vintage hat box on top was actually an amazing wedding gift, it houses a pea green feather hat complete with veil!  Someday we'll have to take a tour of my closet's gems because there are a couple doozies.  Unfortunately, the pink leather jacket and the green hat-ette don't really go together, per se...

The fabulous husband spurred me on to one more sorting project before I ran out of steam.  Again, no before picture because the wedding stuff stacked to the ceiling was truly mortifying.  But now the "closet" at the end of our hall looks like this!
Suitcases only and nary a wedding detail to be seen.  Yay for clean closets!  Feels so good!  Fall cleaning is where it's at.

Not a lot of progress has been made in decor-land.  My favorite recent addition was totally impromptu, spurred by my delightful friend Lisa's wedding.
Yes, that's a dingle-ball headband which I accidentally stole from the photobooth.  I just walked out with them on my head and didn't realize it until I was suddenly scratching on the ceiling of the car with my antennae.  When I got home, I tottered upstairs, pulled them off my head and stuck them over a nail that happened to be coming out of the wall right there.  But I kinda love it.  Doesn't it look like I hunted down some exotic glitterbeast and mounted its antlers on the wall?  It also keeps them nice and handy for the next time you need to feel fabulous.  Besides that, where else do they go?  Filed under "F" for fabulous?

Also in the works is still my chandelier.  It's looking better!
Yay pink!  Hopefully this weekend I can hang the crystals and get the hubby to wire it in for me.  I'm such a sucker for good light, it really can make your whole room look better, and in a room the size of a phone booth, it's critical.

Also in the works is the Great Molding Extravaganza of '11.  It's the master bedroom windows first, which are rolling along.  I didn't want to jinx anything with a photograph but soon (if we're lucky) I can share some pics of all the steps.  Stay tuned!


  1. omg you found a chandelier! Can't wait to see the finished product, I bet it'll look amazeballs!

  2. Love your little vanity table, so cute! :)

  3. Keep shooting that chandelier. I can tell we're related. Charlie once made one out of frying pans.