Wednesday, July 20, 2011

#22 - For Audrey

1. Host mah jongg night.
2. Make jam.  (Done!)
3. Host brunch. (Done!)
4. Go for a picnic. (Done twice!)
5. Go grocery shopping on my bike. (Done!)
6. Finish my year-end photo albums.
7. Take Fred to Lost Lake.
8. Rearrange the backyard.
9. Eat at the Space Needle.
10. Stay in bed all day.  (Done!)
11. <edited for privacy.>
12. Have a really girly slumber party.  (Done!)
13. Play a round of mini-golf. (Done!)
14. Get the craft room sorted and gorgeousified.
15. Go for a weekend in the San Juans. (Done!  Orcas at Memorial Day!)
16. Have an individual date with each NGS.
17. Go for a hike.
18. Plan and cook a week’s worth of dinners.
19. Go to Portland to see old friends.
20. Perfect a signature recipe (one slightly more nutritional than Bundt cake.)
21. Go to the drive-in movies.  (Done!  Harry Potter at the Blue Fox on Whidbey Island)
22. Get a mani-pedi every month. (Done for Jan, Feb, March, April, May and July)
23. Go ice skating. (Done!  Colorado with the parentals!)
24. Find the perfect shade of lipstick.
25. Host a big tea party in the back yard.
26. Make a quilt top.
27. Take six dance classes of any kind. (THREE down.  Love the Little Red Hen.)  (Done!)
28. Ride on a Ferris wheel.  (Done!  Puyallup Spring Fair!)
29. Organize our finances and filing system.
        30. Plan an awesome 30th birthday party.

#22, get a pedicure every month.  Well, this one is over, if not done.  I just couldn't make a pedicure happen in June.  And now June is gone, so unfortunately, I can't make up for it.  But I did manage to do it every other month.  Things that I have learned from this 30B30:
1.) Having cute toes makes you feel cuter all over, even in close-toed shoes.
2.) If you go barefoot at home, you stare at your feet enough to justify the cost of a pedicure.
3.) Getting in bed with your freshly pedicured toes feels awesome.
4.) If a boy ever buys you nail polish just because he thought you might like it, that is true love.  Or he's gay.  But in this case I'm hoping for true love.

The wonderful husband presented me with this color recently:
 It's called "For Audrey".  He knew I'd love it because it is my favorite color.  And damn if having toes that match my walls and teapot doesn't make me extremely happy.  It looks great in white sandals and is very summery as well.  So I'll go back to I'm-Not-Really-A-Waitress and Pompeii Purple in the fall, but for now, For Audrey is here to stay.  See you around #22, I think you're a keeper.

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