Saturday, May 7, 2011


OK everyone, the kitchen is "done".  And with that, I'm out!  Just kidding, not indefinitely, I'm going on vacation for the next two weeks (to Croatia with the parents, yay!) so posting will be a little light.  But I didn't want to leave without sharing our most recent accomplishment, painted walls!  As a disclaimer, it is very hard to get walls to photograph anywhere near to the color that they actually are.  I tried to take photos in a couple of different lights so you can get the idea. 

Drumroll please...the new kitchen! 
See, the photo below goes a little yellow, but it's really closer to peach.

And this next one goes all the way to almost terracotta, but it is closer to a rosy skin-tone.
I love how the warm wall color makes the molding pop and the grey door look intentional and cute.  It's a little hard to see how the apricotiness goes with the counter, but trust me, it looks great.

And just because my favorite feature is still the gem below, another picture of our sink.  If you're tired of seeing pictures of this, feel free to come over and wash a turkey in it.  I guarantee you'll love it all over again.
Warm peachy wall color, counter and sink and cabinet paint on, we're calling this project done for now!  Nice wall color, beautiful tulips and spring just beginning outside, what could be better?  (Two weeks on the beach?  GREAT idea.)  See you all in a couple weeks!


  1. Hi There, can you please e-mail me the name of the color that you painted your kitchen walls? I love it! I'm gonna Pin It too. :)


  2. Of course! For anyone else who is wondering, it is "porcelain skin" by Behr. Lovely color!