Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Y'all, spring has totally come to Seattle.  Unless you've been living under a rock, hopefully you've been seeing some of the unreal gorgeousness that is happening outside.  But just in case you have been a cave dweller...

How could you be unhappy if you get to see this every morning?
These are the trees at Greenlake.  I get to see them every morning on my way to work out.  How gorgeous are they?
Sooo gorgeous!
OMG, I could stand here all day.  But I'm pretty sure the runners would think that was weird...

It only makes me sad that this only happens for a couple weeks every year.  Course, if we got year-round cherry blossoms they wouldn't be nearly as special.  Other new treats are gorgeous daffodils.  The ones are the lake are ravishing:
And amazing in their quantity!
Check out these mini volunteers from our own backyard!
This one at the lake was particularly arresting, since we all know how much I love pink!

And these guys cropping up next to a plastic bucket in our yard really ARE this bright.  It's amazing.

Doesn't it make you feel lucky to be alive?  I hope in the coming week you all have a view just like this:
To cheer you up from the winter doldrums.  Happy spring everyone!

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