Friday, December 17, 2010

Crafting of Cuteness

The rumors are true!  I have a craft room!  It is gorgeous and I've even broken it in by making an apron for a friend and hemming half a pair of pants.  (Why only half a pair is a long story, but luckily I work with all males and either they did not notice that one leg of my pants was hemmed and one was safety pinned, or they were kind enough to not mention it.)

Check out the cuteness!  I've got a nice worktable with room for sewing and room for my laptop.

And a cute seating area in the corner with a tiny girly lamp.

Storage for my wrapping paper, stationery, candles, etc.

Laid out some of my favorite crafting supplies on my pink dresser. 

The picture is a pic of my great-grandma and I.  I love the fact that she is wearing a cute pink cardigan and that we both look super mischievous.  I think it helps set the tone in the room.

A bunch of built-in storage (a little messy right now but it will get better!)

Got all my supplies arranged easily within reach.

This is how it normally looks:

But this is how it is looking for Christmas!

Yay!  The husband surprised me with a tiny tree perfectly sized for this space.  Some friends helped me craft the ornaments for it, which makes it even more adorable.  With the big tree in the window below it, it looks like the tree grows up through our house.  So festive!  I love this space and I look forward to all the creativity it may foster in the years to come.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Aw, I love your craft room, especially the storage bookcases. That cute little tree really makes the room.